Fix Battery issues with your MacBook and macOS 12.2

How to Fix Battery issues with your MacBook and macOS 12.2?

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Macsoftbox

Some users are experiencing severe battery issues on their MacBook after upgrading to macOS Monterey 12.2. These issues are causing even computers at 100% battery to drain completely in just one night. The problem seems to affect both MacBooks with an Intel processor and those with the M1 chip.

According to user complaints, their MacBooks “wake up” at night countless times, causing the battery to almost completely drain. Therefore, it is a problem with the suspension system of MacBooks. It happens when you stop using your Mac or close the lid. So it will only affect you if you leave your MacBook to sleep.

How to fix Battery issues on macOS?

Since this is a fault with the suspension system, the simple solution is to turn it off and not close the lid completely. When the Mac is off, we won’t see these battery issues.

Additionally, users have found that turning off Bluetooth fixes the bug and allows MacBooks to stay in sleep mode and preserve battery. These are the only two options until Apple releases an update to macOS Monterey that fixes this issue.

Note that macOS 12.2 patches 13 serious security bugs ranging from the Safari security flaw to a bug that can give malicious apps access to root privileges, iCloud data, and more.

So this is a critical update worth installing, though you should be aware of this battery bug that some are experiencing.