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How to Use Tabs in Apple for Greater Efficiency in Mac

Last Updated on July 16, 2021 by Macsoftbox

One of the points in which the Mail app on our Mac stands out the most is in the simplicity with which we can manage several email accounts from a single place.

This facility can mean that, over time, we end up with many accounts and information in a single app. For this reason, although little known, there is a most interesting resource: organizing mailboxes and information using tabs. Let’s see how to do it.

A tab according to the information we want to see

By default when we need to scroll through the different email mailboxes we do it through the left sidebar. The system is comfortable, without a doubt, but when we have many mailboxes we may have something small.

In that case, we can “fold” certain mailboxes using the little triangle on the left, but the system also becomes more complex.

This is where tabs come into play. The idea is that in addition to the list of mailboxes that we already know, we can create different tabs on the top bar.

Each tab shows a mailbox, although if in a tab we change from one mailbox to another it will remember it. Thus the system is more flexible than the favorites bar and just as practical.

To start working with tabs in the Mail app on our Mac, the first thing we will have to do is show their bar. To do this, we will go to the View menu and activate the option Show tab bar. Once it appears, opening a new tab is as easy as touching the small + symbol on the right side of it.

tabs in mac mail

The idea with navigation once we have the tabs open is to navigate to the menu that we are interested in seeing in each of them. Once this is done, we can relegate the sidebar to the background, or “fold” the list of mailboxes to keep only the most important ones. The tabs will remember which mailbox they were showing even if we close Mail or restart our Mac.

The keyboard shortcuts Control (⌃) + Tab or Shift (⇧) + Control (⌃) + Tab will allow us to move through the different tabs successively to the right and left of the current one.

An interesting keyboard shortcut in Mac that will avoid us clicking on the different tabs that, by the way, we can reorder simply by dragging them in the position we want.

More things in Mail Tab

This system is so comfortable once we get used to it that in the end, we can end up having many tabs open at the same time. For these cases, a touch on Show all tabs * within the menu * Visualization will give us a global vision of all the information that we have available. A click on any of them will bring it to the fore.

To close a tab we simply touch the small quote cross that appears on its left, just as we would in Safari. What if we want to stop using tabs? Well, we simply close all the tabs that we have open, and then we touch the Hide tab bar in the View menu.

Useful, right? I have been able to verify in my training that this is another quite unknown resource that, at the same time, has a lot of potentials when it comes to organizing the information that we receive, and no longer receive, in Mail.

A system that, in addition, we already know from other apps like Safari and which we can get used to quickly.