Leaked Details of the MacBook Pros 14-inch and 16-inch

Leaked Details of the MacBook Pros 14-inch and 16-inch

Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Macsoftbox

Details, supposed details, continue to leak out about the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Some computers that the latest rumors place in September or October 2021 and of which it seems that we already know all the specifications: SD UHS-II card reader, amount of RAM, backlit Touch ID, and more.

Up to 32GB of RAM, backlit Touch ID, and more

Today’s leak, since this seems to be taking a daily rhythm, we must attribute it to YouTuber Luke Miani, who both in a video on his channel and on the Apple Track website has listed some interesting details of the new MacBook Pros of 14 and 16 inches.

The first notable feature is that the SD card reader that would arrive in these Macs would have UHS-II support, which would allow data to be transferred between the card and the computer at a comfortable 312MB per second, well above the 100MB per second of the UHS-I system.

Being this a MacBook Pro focused on professionals, including photography, being able to transfer photos or videos from camera memory cards to the Mac at maximum speed will undoubtedly be a welcome feature.

Another interesting detail of the new MacBook Pros is that Apple would have backlit the Touch ID button. According to the video posted by Miani, this button would receive light from several dedicated LEDs.

Given the complexity of the shape of this button, it makes sense that more light sources have to be distributed to make it stand out. A detail that, although it may seem minor, will make it much easier for us to distinguish this useful button in the dark.

Some MacBook Pro that, with everything we know, undoubtedly deserve the Pro name.

In the current MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, when we must use Touch ID to perform an action, the Touch Bar itself informs us of it in a very similar way to how the iPhone does when we must pay with Apple Pay.

A small arrow invites us to rest our fingers on the button to complete an operation. With the disappearance of the Touch Bar in these new Mac models, it is possible that in addition to backlighting the Apple key, it seeks to highlight it at specific moments depending on what we are trying to do. A simple mechanism that could, for example, make the key blink to invite us to put our finger on it.

The latest feature leaked by Miani revolves around RAM. According to the video, the new MacBook Pros would be limited to 32GB of RAM. This information contradicts a previous report by Bloomberg in which it was stated that the new MacBook Pros could be configured with up to 64GB of RAM, so we must take it with some skepticism.

Beyond the specific details, it is clear that Apple is preparing to surprise us with these new computers. Those who are called to carry the first iteration with respect to the M1 chip will change their design, accept more RAM, and have more battery. More than enough so that many of us are looking forward to the launch.