iOS 15 and macOS Monterey

What’s new in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey third beta?

Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Macsoftbox

Yesterday Apple promptly released the third beta version of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS 12 Monterey. Versions that come with some minor changes, with performance improvements, bug fixes, and some very interesting news.

Let’s go over the full list.

Designs and news throughout the system

It is quite common for the third beta of Apple’s operating systems to be the one that introduces the most news. The reason is simple, the company’s developers have had time to listen to feedback and make changes. For this reason, we see some interesting modifications in these third betas, they are the following:

Safari redesign on the iPhone

On the iPhone, Safari has received a redesign in the universal address bar. Now when we touch on it from the bottom of the screen it stays glued to the keyboard instead of moving to the top of the screen. Search results are now displayed at the top, with various icons that reflect their origin. The Reload option has also been added within the menu that we display with the button with three dots.

apple safari

Redesign of Safari tabs on the Mac

In macOS Monterey Safari now offers us two options to view our tabs. In addition to the one we already know from iPadOS 15, which moves the address bar to each individual tab, you can now opt for a model that shows a single bar and several tabs underneath.

Music widget redesign

The music widget on iPhone and iPad now changes color based on the skin and displays a new layout for when playback is paused.

Icon for “Text from camera”

The option Text from the camera, which is shown when we touch a text field now shows an icon instead.

Transfer or Reset iPhone

Replacing the Reset menu now, this option clearly offers us to prepare ourselves to transfer the information to a new iPhone in addition to resetting or deleting the content and settings.

iphone transfer

Redesign of the Concentration mode section in Settings

In the Settings section where we can configure the different concentration modes, now the option icons are the same color as the mode icon itself. In addition, the automation button has become larger to attract attention and the option of States of concentration shows us a preview of what other people will see when they want to contact us.

Background Sounds Shortcuts

There are now new shortcuts to play and pause background noises as well as to control their volume.
New splash screens: New splash screens in the App Store, Reminders, Notes, and more.

Menu to add an AirTag

The “+” button in the Search app now asks us if we want to share our location, add a new AirTag or add another item.

As is often the case with development versions, changes are spread throughout various parts of the system. Minor changes in some cases or representative in others. Changes, let it be said, that we cannot take for granted until we see the arrival of the RC this fall or, even better, of the final version.